QSopt 1.0

QSopt is a linear programming solver that provides a callable function library (See all)

The main purpose of the QSopt linear programming solver is to provide a callable function library for use within applications such as the traveling salesman problem or mixed-integer programming. It can also be used as a standalone code to solve large-scale linear programming problems.

QSopt offers a graphical user interface for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP as well as an interface written in Java. Linear Programming Problems can be interactively defined as well as read from files, edited, solved, and saved.

Changing and re-solving a problem is easily done by editing the problem in the input pane and clicking on the Run command on the toolbar. The editor accepts input in LP and MPS format , two industry standard formats. The user can switch from one format to the other with the convinience of a mouse click.

The standard distribution includes two command line executables: QSsolver and QSreader. Both programs read linear programming problems from an LP or MPS format file. QSsolver solves the problems it reads. It can be parameterized to apply the primal or dual simplex and to use different pricing schemes. QSreader parses its input file and, if it is correct, it writes the linear programming problem in LP or MPS format to an output file.

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